About HD (e)

The tools available for drummers have been evolving for decades, and practically speaking, the modern acoustic kit is a hybrid drum kit in and of itself. Today, however, when we use the word “hybrid” in relation to drums, it usually refers to blending electronics with acoustic drums.

A sound source and a way to trigger the sounds are really all you need to make this happen. There are three methods for doing this: percussion and sample pads, additional pads around your kit, and acoustic drum triggers.

Equipment: (compiled on demand)
• Analog Drums 4-Vessels
• Bassdrum Trigger (DDrum)
• Snare Trigger (Roland)
• Trigger pad Kd-7
• Trigger pad Cy-5
• Octapad SPD-20 (Soundmodul)
• Trigger Modul TM-2 (Sampler)
• Trigger Modul TM-6 (Sampler)

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